Attracting Buyer interest is key when selling your home, when you get them in the door, keep them there!

In today’s highly competitive real estate market, the key to selling your home is being able to attract buyers to your listing. When you’re selling your home, it’s important to remember that you’re in competition with every other similarly priced listing in your area. To win buyers, you need your home to stand out from all the rest. Here’s a Top Ten list of things a seller can do to win buyer interest:

1.  Create ‘curb appeal’ — Buyers decide whether they like a property within the first few minutes of arrival. Make a great first impression with well trimmed and cared for lawns and walkways. A small investment in new lighting at your front door, an urn planter, a new mailbox or street numbers can all upgrade the look of your home and win big dividends.

2.  Give them a warm welcome – Make the most of those first few critical minutes as buyers enter your home. A foyer or entranceway is typically one of the smallest areas of your house, so upgrading the flooring with hardwood or slate can be a very worthwhile and cost-effective investment. Add a mirror to visually increase the space and clear out shoes and mats.

3.  Let there be light – Create a bright and cheerful atmosphere by opening the blinds and curtains and turn on all the lights for showings. If you have a fireplace, have a fire burning if the weather’s not too warm.

4.  Show you care – Properties that aren’t well maintained send up ‘red flags’ to buyers that larger problems may be lurking beneath the surface. Complete all those minor repairs jobs that you’ve been putting off.

5.  Create space – Buyers want a spacious interior, so do everything you can to create space, even if it means moving several items offsite while you’re showing. Send those extra chairs to Mom’s for now or rent a storage unit.

6.  Depersonalize – You need buyers to picture themselves living in the house, so pack everything that’s distinctly yours, including photos, awards, mementos and religious artifacts. It’s your first step towards moving out.

7.  Appeal to all the senses – Some of the strongest emotional reactions are created by smell, not sight or sound. Before showings, open windows to air out rooms, light scented candles, and put out a bowl of fresh lemons.

8.  Upgrade for maximum impact and return – Kitchens and bathrooms are the most important rooms when selling a house, so they’re the areas where upgrades will likely get the best return on your investment. Even simple changes like new faucets or a lighting fixture can have big impact.

9.  Present a neutral interior – A fresh coat of paint is always a good idea. Choose pale, neutral colors that won’t clash with a buyer’s furnishings.

10. Let the professionals do their job – Any REALTOR(r) will tell you, one of the best ways you can help get your house sold is to leave home when showings are underway. Buyers will be more inclined to linger and ask questions, and it gives your sales representative a chance to counter objections and offer solutions.

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