Thinking of selling your Mount Forest home this fall? Here are a few tips to help you be better prepared to hit the seasonal market.

As the Real Estate market in Mount Forest is slowing down, many homeowners consider fall to be a good time to put a property on the market and begin thinking about winter showings. Regardless of whether the listing is being planned for this season or the next one, fall maintenance work can help to address issues that may need some time for repair, or get the home ready to be listed within a week.

There are several key points to fall maintenance that should be considered before any Buyer has a chance to view either the outside or the inside of your Mount Forest home.

  1. Clear the property and the garden – while the fall foliage can enhance the curb appeal of many homes, dead leaves, weeds, and brambles will not. It can be necessary to make sure that the garden has had a final manicure before the cold, and that any lawn debris is properly disposed of.
  2. Plant for the spring – fall plantings of bulbs and trees can be an important part of this type of maintenance, even if you are not listing until spring. This will ensure that the outside appearance is inviting, and that no landscaping work is being done once the home is already on the market.
  3. Weatherproofing – It is a wise idea to focus on taking exterior precautions that keep weather damage to a minimum. This will also need to be undertaken if your Mount Forest Home is scheduled for a fall showing, since Buyers will be less likely to consider a draughty home to move into over the winter.
  4. Heating system tune-ups – The most common time for a heating system to fail is when it is being switched over into cold weather mode. Giving potential Buyers a walk-through of a freezing home is not encouraging and can also decrease the asking price almost immediately.
  5. Chimney cleaning – This is especially important for homes where a fireplace or wood stove is a central feature in any of the room. Having these highlights freshened up and running smoothly while showing your home can add immediate appeal.

Although many of these tasks are ones that a homeowner will engage in on a yearly basis; making sure that they are taken care of before your home goes on the Mount Forest Real Estate market will only improve the chances of a quick sale and a great asking price.