Tips, steps and guidelines to better your home’s exterior and increase curb appeal in your Mount Forest property.

The exterior of your Mount Forest home is the first thing all potential Buyers look at. The old saying “You can never make another first impression” is important. Many Buyers will drive by a property before they decide to even call a local Mount Forest REALTOR(r) for more information. If your exterior looks like it hasn’t been maintained, they won’t ask to see that property. Here are some tips to help you make the best first impression possible when selling real estate in Mount Forest.

  1. Clean the exterior of your home. Use a power washer or strong “jet” setting on a hose and wash down all the cobwebs, dirt and grime. All homes collect these things over the seasons.
  2. Clean the driveway. Get rid of old cars or motorcycles that are distracting the view of your home. You may have a “for sale” sign on these vehicles, but they will make your home look like a used car lot. This turns Buyers off.
  3. Look at your driveway. If there are oil stains on your asphalt – clean it up and repaint the asphalt. If your driveway is gravel, use harrows to pull up weeds and make the gravel look pristine.
  4. Flower up the flower beds. Pull out all the weeds and put in annuals to make your gardens look maintained and pretty. Add potted plants if you have to.
  5. Make your entry inviting. Add a nice welcome mat. Add potted flowers. Make sure the front door is clean and all the area around it is clean. Replace old porch lights and make sure all exterior lights are working and look good.
  6. Your front door tells a story. Make sure the door is clean. Replace or clean older hardware such as handles, deadbolts, knockers and kick plates. If your front door is old and dented, replace it with something new. If you have sidelights around your front door, remove any curtains that may stop the light from entering your foyer. Make sure your doorbell works and all the hinges of your door work seamlessly without any sticking or squeaks.
  7. Mow the lawn. Keep the lawn neat, clipped, trimmed and ready at all times for showings.
  8. Prune the trees and shrubs. If your home looks maintained on the outside, Buyers will think that the interior is also maintained.
  9. Fix any damage. If you have damaged siding, fix it. Paint peeling? Fix it. Chimney needs re-pointing? Fix it.

Showing pride of ownership in your Mount Forest Home

You want Buyers to picture themselves living in your beautiful home in Mount Forest. If they don’t like the exterior, they may not like the interior. You only have one chance to make a good first impression.