The electrical system in a Mount Forest home is not only one of the most complicated systems, it is also the most dangerous.

The electrical system in a Mount Forest home is not only one of the most complicated systems, it is also the most dangerous. Shocks and fires account for a good amount of in-home accidents and major fires.

The following tips can help one avoid the dangers and know what to look when when shopping the Mount Forest real estate market.

Fuses and Breakers: Some older Mount Forest homes have fuses. Newer homes have breakers. Frequently blown fuses or a tripped breaker indicates electrical system issues. If you feel you are constantly changing fuses or flipping breakers, it’s time to call your electrician.

Don’t Mix Water & Electricity: When you mix water and electricity you can get shocked and it’s dangerous. You should unplug your smaller appliances (i.e. coffee maker, toaster oven, toaster etc.) before you wash them. Be careful with hair dryers around sinks and bathtubs. Be careful when washing floors near electrical plugs as water may splash into the plug.

Keep Children Away from Outlets: Kids under the age of 6 like to explore everything. Place protectors on all outlets or update to tamper resistant outlets to keep your kids safe.

Replace Frayed Wires: A frayed wire can give you a shock or spark a fire. If possible, turn-off appliances and unplug, or cut power to the appliance or area with the bad wiring. Enlist a professional to replace the frayed wires.

Bad Plugs: Plugs that are loose or wobble after insertion in the outlet are bad plugs. It means the box has come loose from the stud and the wires leading to it are moving around. It’s time to replace them before the situation gets worse and an electrical fire results.

Don’t Force It: If a plug won’t fit into an outlet, it’s tempting to force it by adjusting the plug’s prongs. This is dangerous and should not be done. There may be a very good reason why the plug does not fit into an outlet.

Approved for Outdoors: Only use electrical cords outside that are approved for the outdoors. Indoor cords are not equipped to handle the outdoor elements such as rain, snow and UV rays from the sun. Make sure holiday lights are approved for outdoor use as well.

Keep Cords Unobstructed: Don’t place furniture on top of your cords or run cords under the rugs or carpet. This is a fire hazard. Furniture can easily crush a cord, leading to shock or sparks.

Pay Attention to Your Lights: If you notice your lights are flickering, dimming for no reason, sizzling or there is an odour, unplug or turn off those lights. If you replace the light bulbs and the same issues happen, you will need to contact a licensed electrician.

This is not DIY: It’s tempting to think that you can fix the electrical issues yourself. You absolutely should not. Your electrical system is not a do-it-yourself project. Keep yourself and your family safe and contact a licensed electrician.

Don’t Wait: If you are experiencing electrical issues in your Mount Forest home, do not wait to call a licensed electrician. The problem will not go away on its own and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Avoid the extra maintenance and concerns on that Mount Forest Real Estate property before you buy.

Whether you are in the market to purchase Real Estate in Mount Forest or keep your Mount Forest House safe from future damage — using these preventative tips is a step in the right direction.